Current Initiatives

Success through Well-Being Initiative

Success through Well-Being Initiative

It is our belief that building resiliency in our student-athletes will enable them to achieve success in competition, and it will put them on track for success through well-being in every other facet of their lives. Resiliency-the ability for an individual to take a step back from an adverse situation, reframe the negative narrative, and identify and take productive action steps towards a solution-is the basis for our Success through Well-Being Initiative. This philosophy permeates every resource we provide: from charting one's career development path, to creating an effective nutrition plan, to physically and mentally recovering from an injury, and much more.

Columbia Athletics is already the Ivy League leader in terms of the quality of its programming outside of the competitive sphere. Under the leadership of co-directors Jessica De Palo, Associate Athletics Director for Enrichment Services, and Brent Walker, Associate Athletics Director for Championship Performance, the new Success through Well-Being Initiative will further enhance these resources and student-athletes' access and utilization of them. With resiliency training both for student-athletes and for coaches and staff, our student-athletes will gain the resourcefulness and assertiveness to seek out and maximize the effectiveness of these resources. We will have the vision and resources to systematically understand, support, and empower every student-athlete holistically, as a student, as a Division I athlete, and an individual person. The vision for the Success through Well-Being Initiative is to align resources around the most important meta-competitive issues and become a national leader in the space. Supported by an in-house Analytics program, the Initiative will allow us to evaluate, structure, and enhance the complete body of resources and programming we are offering to student-athletes.

Investment Targets

To help Columbia Athletics differentiate itself by providing the most complete student-athlete experience, our goal is to create endowments for each related area. Please join us by investing in the future of Columbia student-athletes, both in their four years at Columbia and beyond.