Current Initiatives

Building Athletics Endowments

Building Athletics Endowments

Campbell Championship Fund

With the passing of Bill Campbell '62CC in April 2016, Columbia Athletics lost one of its greatest friends. The Campbell Championship Fund was established to preserve his unmatched legacy at Columbia and continue providing for the varsity sports teams he championed throughout his life.

The Campbell Championship Fund will support the top priorities of Columbia Athletics, with the goal of building championship programs and championship experiences for all our student-athletes. With that same goal in mind, Bill himself gave to more than 50 distinct athletics initiatives over his lifetime.

A four-year student-athlete, captain of the 1961 Ivy League Championship football team, and football coach for six seasons between 1974 and 1979, Bill was well aware of the importance of athletics to the University community. He translated his own playing and coaching experience into a successful career in business, rising to become CEO of Intuit, the maker of Quicken, QuickBooks, and Turbo Tax. As a business leader and mentor, he became known as the "Coach of Silicon Valley," and he also remained committed to guiding the success of the next generation of Columbia student-athletes, both on and off the playing field. This season, all of Columbia's student-athletes are wearing a special patch on their uniforms with Bill's number, 67, which was retired in 2014.

Continuing Bill's work of nurturing championship programs and supporting our student-athletes is a fitting way to build on that tribute and ensure that Bill's spirit and legacy continue to resonate throughout the campus. Please join us in honoring Bill's memory and ensuring that our student-athletes have the resources and support they need to bring championships home to Columbia.


$1,630,000 of $5,000,000 As of 6/30/18


Coaching Endowments

From recruiting the best student-athletes for Columbia to getting the most out of these young adults in competition, our coaches are at the core of Columbia Athletics achieving excellence. Supporting our highly skilled coaches in these tasks is the top priority of many of our donors, accomplished through our named endowment opportunities. A coaching endowment provides stability and ample resources for that position, ensuring that our student-athletes receive the best coaching within the unique Columbia environment. It all adds up.

All our coaching positions have named endowment opportunities. Coaching endowments can be established through a gift of $1 million for assistant coaches or $2.5 million for head coaches. Endowments can be paid over five years, and payment schedules can be worked out with the Athletic Development Office.

The following coaching positions are currently endowed:

  • Andrew F. Barth
    Head Coach of Wrestling endowment
  • David and Michael Barry
    Assistant Coach of Wrestling endowment
  • John Huemer
    Second Assistant Coach of Wrestling endowment
  • Bidyut K. Goswami
    Head Coach of Men's Tennis endowment
    • Currently known as The Columbia Tennis Alumni and Friends Head Coach of Men's Tennis
  • Kenneth W. Torrey
    Head Coach of Men's Squash endowment
  • Patricia and Shepard Alexander
    Head Coach of Football endowment

Program Endowments

Our sport programs' most critical needs are directly supported by annual gifts to individual sports programs and to The Fund for Excellence. Your generosity helps to offset equipment costs, enhance budgets for recruiting and travel, sustain ongoing operating budgets, build and maintain new facilities, and create new initiatives that promote student-athlete wellbeing. Every piece of support adds up.

On a larger scale, sports program endowments ensure the continued security and success of our teams. Endowment funds provide a lasting source of support and can be directed toward a variety of priorities: underwriting the acquisition and upkeep of equipment, student-athlete training trips, operational funds to assist with annual budgetary needs, and more. A sports program endowment can be established through a gift of $100,000 or more.

During the current campaign, we have secured endowment funding for the following varsity sports programs, thanks to these lead donors:

  • Men's Basketball
    • Philip Milstein '71CC
    • David Stern '66LAW
  • Cross Country/Track & Field
    • Anne and Michael Hall '84CC '85SEAS
  • Diving
    • Rachel Flax Kaplan '03CC
    • Joseph Priesmeyer '91CC
    • Donald Simone '78CC
    • Tina Steck '80BC
  • Fencing
    • Many donors to the Fencing Special Projects Fund
  • Football
    • Gene Rossides '49CC
  • Men's & Women's Golf
    • Bob Choi
    • David Colby '75CC
  • Rowing
    • Scott Steinmann '80CC
  • Women's Swimming
    • Britta Wilson Jacobson '96CC
  • Men's Tennis
    • Emil Nguy and Ying Xin P'19CC
  • Men's & Women's Soccer
    • Anonymous
  • Squash
    • Anonymous
    • Geoff '82SEAS and Annette Grant '83BC

These varsity sports programs also have endowment funding:

Archery, Baseball, Women's Basketball, Men's & Women's Soccer, Squash, Men's Swimming, Women's Tennis, Wrestling