To maximize the opportunities for our student-athletes to reach their highest levels of achievement—here at Columbia and for the rest of their lives.

Commitment to Winning

When Columbia – its alumni and parents as well as the administration – invests in athletics, success follows. Significant investments over the past decade have resulted in improved performance across the entire Columbia athletics program. Our student-athletes and coaches have benefitted from new and improved facilities, upgraded equipment and training techniques, increased travel and elite competition opportunities, and enhanced budgets, and winning has followed. And today, we benefit from New York City being at an historical high point. Expanded financial investment will further drive our teams’ and individual student-athletes’ competitive success in this unique #OnlyHere environment.


Commitment to Success through Well-Being

Columbia’s student-athletes are its number one asset. Our Commitment to the success through well-being of the more than 700 student-athletes extends far beyond the playing arena. Using a holistic 360 approach, Columbia Athletics will provide coaching, mentoring, feedback and support across disciplines—available to all student-athletes but with a special focus on individuals who need extra support. Spanning leadership training, career development programming, academic support, nutritional guidance, and sports psychology, we will offer student-athletes access to the resources and skills they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives. We understand that, when they are here, our student-athletes change sports programs, but when they are alumni, these individuals change the world. We commit to helping them achieve success at Columbia and beyond.


Commitment to Community

College sports build shared experiences for students, faculty and staff, and bring together generations of alumni and students. Our Commitment to the Columbia community is to build a championship athletics program that fosters school spirit, community, and pride—in short, that fosters togetherness. Our program is home to remarkable people. We commit to recruiting the highest caliber of person to our athletics program, and from there, acting both as coaches and mentors, continually educating them on how to be positive, contributive members of the university community and the world.